Are we ready for pure decentraliztion?

Human civilization is constantly evolving. Standards of living are being improved more and more, we are now connecting people around the world into one global being. The fact that we can communicate almost instantly with anyone (wherever he or she lives) is just ridiculous. Never before, in our history, humanity was so closely connected. New technologies are being developed almost every day, we do know the nature's magic proportion (1.618) and we are capable of predicting the weather weeks ahead. We are exploring the universe (and even beyond), most of us will probably live to see Mars being colonized. The differences between humans and "gods" are slightly disappearing. We know the ways of giving and taking life. We are able to modify DNA, create new species (or bring back the extinct ones). It is only the matter of time when we are going to fully understand this universe, then we will go further. Humanity is truly amazing, but sadly not yet perfect. There are still many aspects we need to improve before progressing.

Replacing banks and governments with decentralized financial systems and DAO (distributed autonomous organizations) is (I hope) the next step for this civilization. By achieving this we are possibly going to connect all humans into one, delete all borders and differences. They (banks, governments) do control almost every aspect of our lives and they do separate humanity. This is perfectly reasonable but not necessary at all. We already have world-wide decentralized money (bitcoin), some of us are even using it daily. DAOs are being created and tested widely (Switzerland, Denmark, Estonia, etc.) so the perfect one will be soon (or already is) developed. The question is are we ready?

Decentralization is hard to achieve, and when it's done there is no way to control it. It full depends on individuals. We all live controlled by a centralized system, which some of us even enjoy. It is much easier to be managed than to manage and I'm afraid it is too early for some people to understand it.

There are so many reasons why the current system is not the best one:
- founding governments (which most of us hate or wish to change a bit)
- having no control over the law
- being forced to undergo a nationality and it's rules
- having no way to exit this.
, but it also has its bright sides:
- it is easier to give the responsibilities to someone else
- the ones that don't succeed in life are being supported
- there is always someone to blame for our problems
- it somehow works for most of us.

Becoming your own government is neither easy or wanted for most people. It is possible (and not so hard) to develop a decentralized way of voting and become a global DAO. Yet, all of us should be more or less educated and mindful to start taking decisions themselves. This could be a pure democracy. However, assuming that everyone wants to be part of this is irrational. We do have such individuals living in the current systems, they do wish to stay away from taking decisions and it is their right. What is not their right is criticising others decisions so by staying away they agree to be controlled. Works in both systems.

When it comes to becoming your own bank the reasons "why" are obvious. Currently, existing banks have lost their way (probably they were forced by governments). The banks should be an institution which keeps our money safe, give them whenever we wish and do not care about anything else. What banks are today? Institutions that demand all our personal data and control our money. Declining a withdrawal of your money is insane, but happens often. They are constantly informing the administration how many money we own, and when we deposit too much we become suspected of money laundering or other activity seen as illegal. There are also fees (the only reasonable disadvantage of banks) which are not necessary. IMG NOT FOUND Banks are losing people trust so their collapse is unavoidable. Taking responsibilities of your funds is the only way, otherwise they will just reborn after failture.

To summarize, I'm sure that this society is ready for changes. Obviously not every man, but let's be realistic. The moment when 100% of us will be ready just won't happen, also this process must take some time. Many years, if not centuries, at least. Maybe it has already started, but in fact it does not matter at all. We need to push humanity further, so why not start today?